Welcome to Travel and the World. I decided to launch this website to share my love of Travel and of things around the world. I feel there is more to travel than simply getting on a plane and wandering the streets of a foreign land (or watching TV in the hotel room!). You have to discover, experience and learn.

My name is Louise and I was born in beautiful (but rainy) Scotland and at the tender age of 17 decided to take advantage of my dual nationality and packed my bags and moved to Australia.

I love living in Australia. I live in a country where there is so much to do that you never really have to leave and I have met so many people who have never been on a plane as a result. It’s such an amazing, unique place and a country I believe everyone should take the time to visit. Even if it is lacking the bagpipes on the main street that I miss so much from when I was growing up in Scotland!

My other passion is the world! I find it fascinating, the workings of nature and the beauty surrounding us. As a result I am also becoming a keen photographer. In addition to me blogging about travel, I intend to also show interesting insights into the world around us, things you can see for yourself, when you are on your next adventure.

For me, this website is not just about places I have visited, there are many people out there who have no ‘home’ and spend their 365 days a year travelling the world, and they do a great job of sharing their experiences. My interests are in the fascinating facts about places, traditions, cultures, animals, attractions, natural phenomena etc. This website is to allow me to share these with you whether its something I have experienced, something I have read and researched or written with the help of or completely by someone else. This website is for those with an interest in the work around us.

So browse this website to your hearts content and let me know what you think. I add more content all the time, so feel free to contact me if you would like to contribute!

Happy Travelling!



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