How to Make Money With Your Travel Blog

How to Make Money With Your Travel Blog

How to Make Money With Your Travel Blog

For anyone with a travel blog, you understand the hard work, sweat and tears that go into making sure you have good content for your readers, but perhaps then struggle to keep a steady stream of new and returning readers to actually come to your website. Well perhaps there is a new little light at the end of the tunnel showing travel bloggers the way to bigger and better travel blogs.

When starting a blog, no matter what your niche, it is always best to read the blogs of other more experienced people with a website in a similar subject. Although unlike many niches no one person dominates travel, you will never go wrong learning a thing or two from Matthew Kepnes (aka Nomadic Matt).

I have been to seminars and read many books and eBooks on the subject of blogging, online marketing and SEO however was still very keen when I heard Matt was releasing an eBook to purchase it (even with the horrible US to AU exchange rate! it was still value for money). I though it would be very beneficial to hear all of this in context from a travel blogger that has been there and done that.

Matt’s new eBook “How to Make Money with Your Travel Blog” is great for travel enthusiasts of all blogging stages. It takes you through all the stages from start to finish from choosing a domain name to SEO and putting it all together. I thought this eBook was a very easy read. It was broken up into logical stages and accompanied by examples of it being used.  As I mentioned I have read many SEO related books before but Matt managed to set it out in a way that it easy to understand and steps that can be followed to ensure the best results.

The eBook strongly focuses on SEO and has a recurring theme of getting as many good quality links as you can! For anyone with a travel blog, whether your goal is to simply share your trip or tell people about places you love or whether you want it to help fund your trip, the content is still relevant. The principles are always the same when it comes to SEO and getting traffic to your website. Matt goes into detail on how Google decides where to rank you for key words and how links from certain websites are more beneficial then others (with lovely diagrams to help you understand!). This detailed section makes the world of SEO slightly easier to understand and I believe can really help when it comes to trying to rank in Google. My only extra point I want to make on the subject of keywords and SEO is to really think about what you want your key words to be. Some keywords like travel would be almost impossible for a new blog to become top of – after all there are many very big and older website out there with decades of information. Just be conscious and try to pick a slightly tighter, less competitive niche.

One thing I liked a lot about this eBook is that Matt was honest in showing that starting a profitable blog is not an overnight job and that it can take months and months to begin to see the desired results. I think it’s very true that many people give up within the first 6 months because they are not getting the money/traffic etc that they were expecting. I think its important people realize that at the beginning of a blogs life it can never be about the money. In order to make any money from blogging you must have traffic and people must be able to trust what you are writing. This is why it can take a long time before any money for example from affiliate sales is made. Matt was also very honest in where a lot of the money really is in blogging and gives a substantial list of companies and website and his opinion on their effectiveness. Tried and tested so you don’t have to!

I really enjoyed this eBook. It had concise information in an easy to read format and I would happily recommend this eBook to anyone who owns or wants to own a travel blog. A purchase you won’t regret!

The eBook has received an amazing response by travel bloggers just like you and me, this is obvious by the shear volume of comments on his blog.

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