My Choice of London Attractions

My Choice of London Attractions

Big BenOn my recent trip back to the UK I decided to spend a couple of days in London before flying home. It’s not often I get to act like a complete tourist in a place so close to home (or where home was), so I jumped at the opportunity to book a cheap hotel and do all the tourist attractions.

The issue with London, for most people anyway, is how much things cost. As a result my grand plans had to be whittled down and I had to choose which things to do, based on cost and the fact I only had 3 full days there anyway.

Below are my chosen sightseeing must do’s, or what I did anyway. Each trip will have its own post soon as well so stay tuned!

Day 1
First things first I wanted to see the new Darwin exhibit at the Natural History Museum. I love Natural History so for me it was the first things I just had to do! The Museum itself is great for all ages with everything from Dinosaurs (including animated ones) to exhibits containing lots of animals big and small. Of course best of all … it’s free! Food can be pricey though so I would suggest taking your own food and some water.

Day 2
It was hard to decide what to do for my second day. Too many options and no way to choose. My options included:

• Madame Tussauds
• Ripley’s Believe it or not!
• Camden Markets
• Science Museum
• Bus tour

After breakfast I decided it was nice weather and to visit the Camden Markets. Now maybe it was just me, but I got bored fairly quickly. I am not a huge shopping person but I think overall if I knew I had space in my suitcase and a good friend to rummage through the stalls with, I think it would be a good day out. For me, without space in my suitcase, I couldn’t really buy anything. After lunch, I decided to leave the markets and go to Ripley’s Believe it or not! It’s a fairly new building filled with abnormal discoveries throughout the world, like the world’s smallest car and two headed animals etc. However getting to Piccadilly Circus station where it is, they just seemed desperate. Handing out flyers on every corner, and after speaking to some locals decided the 20 pound (approx $40 Australian) admission fee was too much to spend! Instead I took a walk around and booked a ticket for “The Lion King” on stage the following night.

Day 3
With “The Lion King” to look forward to at night I wanted to make the most of my last full day so I took a trip on the London Tour Bus. I definitely suggest this to anyone visiting London, especially if you are short on time. I saw everything I wanted in London and with commentary I learned all about its history as well. As an FYI take a pair of headphones with you as not all have a live guide and don’t necessarily supply the headphones.London Underground

Have kids? I would choose the Science Museum over the Camden markets as you can easily lose half a dozen children in the many markets and the Science Museum looked really good, it was unfortunate I didn’t find the time to see it.

I personally chose not to do Ripley’s Believe it or not! And Madam Tussauds because of the price, but I guess the value depends on what you see as a good day out. In posts to come I will go into more detail on my days out.

Which ones are on your top attractions in London list?Westminster Abbey

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