Rite of Passage by Lonely Planet

Rite of Passage by Lonely Planet

rite-of-passageI thought I would share with you one of my favourite travel books,
Rite o
f Passage: Backpacking ‘Round Europe by Lonely Planet. Backpacking through Europe is seen as a must do for many people all over the world. I came across this book by Lonely Planet and read it in almost one sitting. The book is not a guide; it doesn’t include long country descriptions or long winded advice on staying safe. Rite of Passage is about other peoples funny and unique experiences when backpacking around Europe for the first time.

Rite is passage is split into 4 chapters.  Getting the hang of it, You get what you pay for, Getting it on and Being there. Each chapter includes questions and advice taken straight from their Thorn tree forum and includes short and hilariously funny stories.

The reason I wanted to write a blog about this book is that I believe anyone will enjoy it. Those who have been, those who want to go and those who don’t want to travel that far. The book shows that even in the most bizarre scenarios, you will be able to look back and laugh at the experience. So you can’t get rid of the creepy local, you get your things stolen whilst illegally sleeping in someone’s roof with some dodgy locals or you get lost in the most dangerous part of the country. Those who will be going to Europe it just shows that yes you may be put in an uncomfortable situation or you just might have the time of your life!

One of my favourite short stories in the book has to be about William Sutton and the story is “The Delinquents of Malaga”.  William was staying in Malaga for two nights waiting for his way home (hitchhiking with a trucky heading his general direction). Whilst sightseeing he is approached by a couple who offer him a place to stay. Unknown to him at the time they take him back to the roof of another family’s house where they illegally stay. After a short amount of time he realises his predicament and that they are criminals. Whilst he sleeps they steal his backpack. The section that has me in tears is when he pretends not to have noticed the are criminals and tries to ‘innocently’ take picture of them so he can give them to the police, however they then steal his camera too, now knowing he keeps it in his money belt around his waist. With another funny twist at the end it is an hilarous short story that makes you feel like you are there with him sharing his bad luck!

In another story Kathy Coudle King tells of her “My Stinky Cheese Night” of forgetting about some cheese in her bag that she had been given and then trying to deal with the smell in the middle of the night in a hostel. A story that will have you giggling and cringing and she tries to get rid of the smell!

The content is very varied, and includes absurdities and joys to be had in many European countries including Paris, Corfu, Rome, Prague, Yugoslavia and many more. Trust me when you sit down and read this, you will giggle through the entire book!

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