Tips to Keeping Your Possessions Safe When You Travel

Tips to Keeping Your Possessions Safe When You Travel

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It’s probably in the back of everyone’s minds when they travel. The thought of turning round to see your bag disappearing in the distance. I have been lucky enough to have not been robbed, so far however I have seen how it can easily ruin someone’s trip.

I have put my personal tips together to help you keep safe on your next trip.

1. Choose a rucksack based on comfort and safety rather than fashion.
That zip pocket may seem handy but can you really put anything in it without anyone standing behind you being able to open it? Have a look at the rucksack you are buying and make sure you are not buying unusable ‘extras’ . Already have your backpack? Once filled and ready to go just sit it in front of you and see if anything looks obvious and easy to open. Getting a discreet lock may help keep pick pockets out.

2. Don’t wear a big money belt or stuff a full wallet in your back pocket.
Unless it’s a really discreet one or you are wearing long baggy clothes money belts are noticeable and the scream “I’m a tourist, rob me!”.  Spread your money, some in the lining of your bag, some in your shoe … you get the point.  Don’t keep everything in one place, losing it would be disastrous!

3. Don’t take expensive jewellery.
Leave the diamond earrings and Rolex watch at home. Not only can it be seen as arrogant, especially in poorer countries, but you are tempting fate flashing expensive items.

4. Make your things look old.
You are less likely to be targeted if your things look inexpensive and not worth stealing. Either don’t take the new camera and brand new clothes or at least try to make it discreet. Keep the camera in an old, cheap case and don’t wear all your new clothes at once.

5. Carry small notes.
Normally you go into a money exchange office and they give you lots of large notes. Problem being when you hand over a $100 note to pay for a burger, it makes you look like a enticing target. If you are taking large notes, make sure there is somewhere nearby to change them if you need to.  It’s also a good idea to split your money between cash, travelers cheques and card.

6. Be careful where you put your bag.
Seems obvious right? But the amount of times I have seen someone with a laptop put it in their bag and then walk away to get sugar for their tea would surprise you. No matter where you are, you should always be careful with your things, and should there be a need to walk away don’t make it obvious there is something inside worth stealing. In fact just don’t walk away! Once someone sees you with something they want, they will just wait for their opportunity.

There is no need to not travel because you are scared of loosing something. My motto is “never take anything you can’t afford to lose”. Go by this and there should be no reason to be constantly looking over your shoulder. Remember to always have Travel Insurance that covers not only your trip and you but also your possessions.

Any others you would add?

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